What’s right for me?

Finding the right hearing aid for you is essential to bringing the optimal level of hearing back into your life. Beltone offers a variety of different hearing solutions in terms of style, functions, design and color, that can be matched to your exact hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Styles

A hearing aid can be described in terms of outer and inner parts. The outer shell makes up the overall look. The inner circuitry determines the type of technology. There are four basic styles of hearing aids, which can be differentiated by where they sit in the ear and which types of hearing loss they assist.

Microphone In Concha (MIC)


This type of hearing aid is the very latest innovation in hearing aid technology. The construction makes it possible to have a very small hearing aid, regardless of the degree of your hearing loss. The microphone is completely hidden in the helix of your ear. A transparent tube sends the sound from the microphone to a small component, which is placed in your ear canal. This component holds the speaker, which ensures that you get the amplification you need.

Receiver In the Ear (RIE)

pic-rieThis rather new type of hearing aid is extremely lightweight and so small that it is essentially invisible. The casing sits behind the ear and houses all of the electronic components of the hearing aid, except for the speaker. A thin transparent tube is attached to this case, through which very thin wires are run to attach to the speaker, which is placed in your ear canal. 

These lightweight, nearly invisible hearing aids can be used with or without an ear mold to fit your individual amplification needs. Almost all types of hearing loss can be assisted with RIE hearing aids to benefit from the extremely natural sound quality.

Behind the Ear (BTE)

pic-bteThese hearing aids are worn behind the ear and can assist most types of hearing loss. The sound is delivered into your ear canal through a transparent sound tube. 

For milder hearing losses the tube can be thin and retained comfortably in the ear with an open dome. The open fitting allows for even more airflow and a natural perception of sound. For more severe hearing losses the tube is connected to an ear mold that is customized to your ear. This hearing solution allows for a greater amount of amplification and a very stable sound quality.

Customized In the Ear (ITE)

pic-iteAn in-the-ear hearing aid is custom made specifically to your ear based on an impression that your hearing care professional takes of your ear canal and outer ear. This type of hearing aid can be almost hidden in your ear, however the size and visibility depend on your degree of hearing loss and the size and shape of your ear canal. Customized in-the-ear hearing aids today can fit almost any type of hearing loss. To increase your comfort, most in-the-ear hearing solutions offer ventilation. Venting helps to provide a more natural sound quality.

With over 80 options available, you’re sure to find the hearing aid that fits your hearing needs, lifestyle, and cosmetic preference. Because hearing aid technology has come so far, virtually all of our hearing aids are smaller, lighter and more comfortable than ever before. No matter which style you choose, you’ll benefit from a set of features that will enhance your personal hearing experience.