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We’re proud to be rated the most trusted brand in hearing care. With an outstanding 95% patient satisfaction rating, It means you can count on us to find the hearing solution that precisely fits your needs. The Beltone experience is all about patient satisfaction. Hear what others have to say or come in and see for yourself!

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Beltone Hearing Aids
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 26 reviews
by William K G. on Beltone Hearing Aids

With my new Beltone Promise 17 hearing aids I can now clearly hear the words my wife is saying. The adjustments made by the specialist set the sound levels so I can clearly hear conversation…The remote provides me the ability to adjust the volumes and to reduce background noise. The service I received at the Beltone Tanque Verde office was excellent.

by H. Allan C., M.D. on Beltone Hearing Aids

I heard sounds, but was unable to make out the words, thereafter had the need to ask my friends in conversation “What did you say”? I had a hearing test and was prescribed bilateral aids and since have been very pleased with the hearing results and the services from Beltone.

by Douglas P. on Beltone Hearing Aids

I never realized the extent of my hearing loss until I tried the Promise 17’s. I can no longer blame my previous limitations and selective hearing on "the other person". i.e. "They mumble, they don’t speak clearly, etc."

Today I experience effortless hearing-improved interaction at all levels, business, social and at home with family. Thank you Beltone Tucson for improving my quality of life in a big-big way.

by Guest on Beltone Hearing Aids

Great service, staff and latest technology. Heck, Beltone has been around forever. I thought pricing was very competitive, I was told they were expensive. ??? Explored 4 other places including my ENT. Bought Beltone for a number of reasons.

by Gary J. on Beltone Hearing Aids

I am very pleased with my new Beltone hearing aids. These devices have enabled me to hear sounds I have not heard in many years, understand conversations in a noisy environment, and listen to television and music at a normal level. There is another important benefit to these hearing aids, the Beltone office staff. My "Hearing Instrument Specialist", Chris O'Brien worked with me to fine-tune the parameters of the hearing aids until I was amazed at their clarity & performance. In my opinion, Beltone makes a fine product and employs a talented and caring staff.

by Jennifer Young on Beltone Hearing Aids
Thank you Beltone and staff

I walked in to the Beltone store in Tucson, AZ and met Joe and Ellen. Beltone's staff was dedicated and understanding in helping me adjust to a new set of advanced hearing aids. Thank you Beltone and staff for helping me to enjoy the little things in life!

by Kitty Belcher on Beltone Hearing Aids

I got my hearing aids in November of last year.They have made a world of difference for me. i enjoy work and home now that i can hear in all the needed place. i work with Mike Riggs .He made me feel very comfortable in my decision which hearing aid to get. He was very professional and personable. Switch to the Tanque Verde office closer to work.Rose and Bobbi have been nothing but professional & helpful .They was no high sells pitch , just caring ,supportive staff .

by Thelma S. on Beltone Hearing Aids

I saw the ad in the paper, and knew this was the place I wanted to go. THe surprise i got when going in was the friendliness of the staff. Bobi was most gracious and helpful. She worked with me to make my hearing aids just right for me. I now can hear the T.V. and understand people when I talk with them especially at church. Thank you Bobi for being so patient, and helpful.

by Martin A. on Beltone Hearing Aids
Wonderful Service

I heard about Beltone over the television. I can hear so much better now in my right ear. Services at Beltone are wonderful!

by George G. on Beltone Hearing Aids
Many Thanks!!!!

I have worn Beltone hearing aids for several years and am very satisfied with them. Recently I took advantage of a trade-in offer and feel that the new products are even better. Many Thanks for your advice and help.

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