Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

At Beltone we take an approach to hearing care that no other company can match. It’s based on connecting with you as a person and understanding what you enjoy in life and what’s important in a healthcare partner. No two hearing losses are exactly the same. The exact pattern of frequencies you may be missing are as individual as you are! That’s why every hearing care solution we offer is tailored to a patient’s individual needs and lifestyle based on our comprehensive hearing evaluation. Below is what you can expect from us during your office visit:

Lifestyle AssessmentLifestyle Assessment

Understanding more about your lifestyle and hearing priorities helps us provide individualized care. Are you outdoorsy? Do you frequent restaurants and public places? Do you enjoy television, music, movies and lectures? Do you work every day? All of these things and more play into the kind of hearing aids that will be right for you.

Health History

Many people are surprised by how much our overall health and the medications we take can impact our hearing. Several common conditions can adversely affect our ability to hear. For example, high blood pressure, diabetes and kidney disease are all linked to hearing loss. Similarly, understanding your hearing history gives us a window into your ability to hear today.

Hearing ExamPhysical inspection of ear canal & ear drum w/ Video Otoscope

This instrument is used to check the inside of your ear canal and checks for excessive ear wax or to see if there is any other sort of obstruction that could be affecting your hearing.

Hearing Evaluation

A hearing “test” actually includes several tests that measure how well you hear and how well you understand a variety of sounds, such as tones and speech in a variety of listening environments. If you are a current hearing aid user we also check to make sure your hearing aids are providing the optimal hearing you desire based on the results of your audiogram.

Results ExplainedExplanation of Results

Hearing loss takes many forms. Some of us start missing sounds in the higher ranges, such as the voices of women and children. Others hear quite well in quiet surroundings, but struggle in noisy environments. We will review the results of your audiogram with you so you can see what you are hearing normally and what you may be missing. We can then review your lifestyle and hearing goals to provide an office demonstration of a hearing aid that will be right for you.

Demonstration (if hearing aids are prescribed)

If a hearing loss is found, and hearing aids are recommended, you can “try before you buy” at Beltone. We will program hearing aids specifically to fit your hearing loss and you can test them out for yourself in our office the same day as your test!

RHearing Aid FittingFitting and Delivery (if hearing aids are purchased)

When we fit your new hearing aids, your thoughts and feelings guide the process, and your input shapes the outcome. Based on your audiogram results, your Beltone professional will program your hearing aids to your specific hearing loss using our proprietary Solus™ fitting software. This software is patient-focused and allows you to be a pivotal part of the process.

Often, no hearing loss is found and we look forward to seeing you the following year for your annual exam. Sometimes, we discover a hearing loss that’s caused by a temporary condition, such as ear wax or an ear infection. If a loss is found, remember, the earlier hearing loss is detected and treated, the slower it progresses. Conversely, the longer hearing loss is ignored, the worse it gets. Because hearing loss often appears gradually, you may be unaware of its onset, so contact us to book your baseline hearing screening today.