10 Warning Signs To Dectecting Hearing Loss

ear Has someone accused you of having selective hearing?  Or are you struggling with hearing loss? Listening requires effort, but shouldn’t cause you stress. If you find it hard to follow a conversation or hard to understand what is being said in a noisy environment you could have the beginning signs of a hearing loss. Pretending to hear what was said or distancing yourself from social settings are all beginning signs of a hearing loss. It is recommended that once you reach 50 you should have a baseline hearing test done, or if you experience one or more of the following issues.

Warning signs of a hearing loss:
1. People seem to mumble more frequently.
2. You experience ringing in one or both of your ears.
3. You often ask people to repeat themselves.
4. Your family complains that you play the radio or TV too loudly.
5. You no longer hear normal household sounds, such as the dripping of a faucet or ringing of a doorbell.
6. You have difficulty understanding conversation in a group or crowd.
7. You hear, but have trouble understanding all the words in a conversation.
8. You find it difficult to hear on the telephone.
9. You have trouble hearing when your back is to someone.
10. You have been told you speak too loud.

health Studies have linked untreated hearing loss to:

Hearing loss is not just an ailment of old age. It can strike at any time and any age. Many people who have suffered a loss of hearing don’t even realize it until they find themselves frustrated as they strain to hear the world around them. Often times if you catch hearing loss early on it can be much easier to treat. This is the reason annual hearing test exams are a must.

“It may not be anything serious, but you’ll never know until you look into it.” – Victor S.

If you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact us to schedule your free hearing exam.